This site is dedicated to the work of the nineteenth-century architect – George Goldie. It looks at his work in Ireland and his biography in general. Links are used throughout – for instance if certain words are highlighted (usually in blue), then clicking on the highlighted words will bring you to a scan of the newspaper, document or book in question. This allows you to read first-hand the report or discussion.

The images are almost all in JPEG format, this helps the site to run more smoothly as they load quickly. However, you may want to access higher resolution images; to help with this I have put TIFF images in a different site: http://www.omeka.caoimhindebhailis.org/items/browse The text and images are all free to reuse in accordance with the Creative Commons Licence – correctly attribute the images and text. If you find this site useful then please share it with others that you think might be interested in George Goldie or his architecture. Feel free to contact me via the Contact page if you have any other information that might add to the site.